Summary Plan Descriptions

Plan Information

Summary Plan Description Booklet

Your Summary Plan Description (SPD) Booklet, Schedule of Benefits and Messenger updates should be referred to for a full description of your plan of benefits. Your SPD booklet can be accessed by clicking on the icon below. You may search for a specific topic once you have accessed your SPD by using your search option and entering a keyword or phrase.

Compilation of Messenger Notifications

You can also access the Compilation of Messenger Notifications, by clicking here, for all modifications made to your benefit package since the April 2022 publication of the SPD. This provides you with all modifications made to your plan in one document, arranged chronologically by topic.

Schedule of Benefits

To access your Schedule of Benefits and your Summary of Benefits and Coverage, click here and then click on your benefit package number. If you are not sure of your benefit package number, contact MCTWF’s Member Services Call Center at (313) 964-2400 or (800) 572-7687.