MCTWF recognizes the need to assist the Local Union officers and agents prior to, during and after contract negotiations with regard to MCTWF benefits, participation rules and enrollment. Our Field Services Department is here to serve you. In addition to providing you with on-site and telephonic assistance, we have made available to you online reference to important MCTWF documents and other helpful information through the below “links”. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding the content of this page; please direct them to

Trust Agreement - This document as amended, which is incorporated by reference in the Participation Agreement, establishes the Trust Fund and states the general rules for its administration.

Participation Agreement
This form (which may not be altered but may be filled in, printed and saved to your desktop ) is necessary for Employer participation with MCTWF. This agreement sets forth essential contribution information and rules. The completed form must be signed by the Employer, the Local Union and accepted by MCTWF before it becomes effective.

To fill in the appropriate agreement, tab to each applicable field and type in the pertinent information. Once you have completed the form, print and save to your destop.

Each Participation Agreement is divided into 1 of 4 categories: Retroactive Contribution, Advance Contribution, Hourly/Seasonal and Local Union, as described below.

Retroactive Contribution Participation Agreements - Initial Participation Commencing Prior to 1/1/05 and Contribute Retroactively (i.e. for the prior month

Advance Contribution Participation Agreements Initial Participation Commencing After 1/1/05 and Contribute in Advance of the month

Hourly/Seasonal Participation Agreement

Local Union Participation Agreements
(for Local Union participation with MCTWF)

MCTWF Business Agent Portal - this tool can be used to:
  • Design any benefit plan and compare it and its multi-year contribution rates with any other plan through the MCTWF Plan Designer.
  • Create a completly populated Participation Agreement.
  • View detailed reports regarding companies under your jurisdiction.
  • Record and securely store notes.








Employer Accounts Policies & Procedures - This document is incorporated by reference in the Participation Agreement. It provides detailed information relating to employer contributions and payroll audits.

Transitional Rules- This document provides a summary of MCTWF rules that should be considered (it is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of such rules, but rather, it is intended to focus on key issues) by new Employer groups prior to MCTWF participation.

Newly Participating Employers or Divisions - This page lists the documents needed by MCTWF to set up a new Employer or Division and initiate eligibility for its employees.

For questions or assistance, you can email or contact  one of our Field Services Representatives at:  

Eric Lindemier Manager 414
Sherry Hall Representative 496
Andrew Bryer Representative 413

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